I'm an electronics engineer who decided to go back to school and start a new career in visual design in 2008. Applying my scientific mind to a more creative field has allowed me to specialize in effectively representing complex data into unique visualizations and infographics – always keeping my focus on the best way to showcase the story at the core of a project.

Along my professional path, I picked up a range of skills that now take me from concept to coding, enabling me to be involved in every step of complex multi-disciplinary projects.
I designed identities and print materials, but since the last years I focused on digital experiences.

I aim to implement—at least partially—the ideas I conceive, because I believe in a close relationship between designing and making: knowing and mastering tools and techniques helps me to explore the expressive potential of visuals with increased awareness.


I'm a passionate brainstormer and I like to apply my analytic mind to organise information, to tackle different kind of issues and to suggest the most fitting solution.

Data visualization

I design and develop static and interactive visualizations, always keeping my focus on the best way to showcase the story at the core of a project.

Interaction design

My goal is creating crystal-clear user experiences starting from user's needs. I try to achieve the result through close relationship with the client, Agile methodology, user centered design, quick prototyping and user testing.


I design and develop interfaces for digital experiences, in particular multimedia installations and exhibits and web applications.

Spollo Kitchen by CTS Grafica, 2014

My artwork has been included in the catalogue and exhibition.

1st prize winner
Münich-Re contest, 2012

Design of 4 office walls, contest promoted by Münich-Re and Scuola Politecnica di Design.

Big Dive 2015

5 weeks intensive course about big data set up by TopIX Consortium and held in Turin by ISI Foundation, Axant and Todo.

“La combinazione tra regola e caso è la vita, è l’arte, è la fantasia, è l’equilibrio.”

Bruno Munari