Mozfest interactive installations

Project Overview


Installations featuring a mix of physical and digital interfaces to expose the inner workings of the web and provide memorable insight over the five issues that motivate Mozilla’s work every day – online privacy, web literacy, digital inclusion, open innovation and decentralization.

  • Illustrator
  • Javascript, D3.js
  • Html/css
  • Concept
  • UX/UI
  • Data visualization
  • Coding
Mozilla foundation

The interactive installations invite the audience to step into an experience and to discover, play, create, and tinker with concepts and issues in more creative ways than are typically available.

The Web Teleporter is an installation on digital inclusion, allowing users to experience how the Internet is accessible to the diversity of people who use it.

Each experience is a sequence of three steps: persona presentation, experience (web screencast + illustrated infographics), explanation with data.

The Web Macroscope is an installation about (the lack of) decentralisation: just how big are the “big players” in six selected markets?

Unlike to microscope, the macroscope lets users see something that is very large, so they can get the big picture of a situation.