Digital social innovation explorer

Interactive data visualization tool to explore the digital social innovation in Europe from three different perspectives.


Audi drives Cortina

6 outdoor installations collecting data from sensors and web API to show how environmental noise, green energy, driving conditions and weather conditions evolve over time till 2021 ski World Championship.

2016 Mozfest - Interactive installations

Five accessible, playful and slightly surreal experiences: a mix of physical and digital interfaces are used to expose the inner workings of the web.

Demix — Atlas of the outskirts

Series of data visualizations about quantitiy and kind of facilities in the outskirts of 9 major cities.

Visual literature

Visualizing the writing style of an author through a diagram generated by the rhythm of the text.

Il futuro è

Communication format with video interviews and custom website.

Münich RE office walls

Graphic design of 4 office walls using a custom halftone screen effect generated with a self-programmed software.

The Dimar galaxy

Interactive data visualization highlighting the differences in the sales of four sample supermarkets.

Fondazione Agnelli website

Brand new website for Fondazione Agnelli, a research institute working on social sciences.

Cotoni animati

Visual and music live show where the interactive projections follow both power and rhythm of music.


Infographic representation of recipes, visualizing the process mixing visual aesthetic and information.

Enel word app

Interactive led wall live background running during the presentation event of the new Enel identity.

Monti Aurunci visitor center

Visual identity and graphic design of the visitor centre of the Monti Aurunci Park, from concept to print.

Water house

Visual identity and graphic design of the exhibition set up in the public swimming-pool of Bari.

Dolomiti Hydrotour

Visual identity and graphic design of the exhibition set up in the hydroelectric plant of Santa Massenza (Tn).

Museo delle Arti in Ghisa nella MAremma

Short guide, exhibition catalogue, flyer and website design for Follonica's MAGMA museum.